Welcome to MY CESA 6!

MY CESA 6 is your gateway to CESA 6 online resources using a Moodle platform. 

What you’ll find at MY CESA 6: 

Moodle calls everything “courses”, so we refer to distinct areas of information as courses, too. We have organized courses into three high level categories: 

  • Workshops, Networks & Consortiums: Here you will find the documents and resources that are shared at face-to-face workshops or trainings, or materials and other resources provided for network and consortium members. 
  • Open resources: These resources are open to all visitors, and provided as a service of CESA 6. You’re welcome to peruse with no log-in required! 
  • Online & Blended Courses: These are multi-day professional development workshops and trainings offered in an online or blended format and may include graduate credits. 

There are two ways to navigate to a course requiring log-in: 

  1. Registered user can simply click on "Dashboard" on the left navigation to login into your dashboard and find all of the courses you are registered for, or have access to. This is your personal dashboard! No more searching for your courses, now you'll simply click on the My Dashboard icon and you will have easy access to all your courses!  
  2. Look for a course & then log-in. The second way to find a course is to select the appropriate category, then navigate through the departments to find a particular course. The categories of Workshops, Networks & Consortiums AND Online & Blended Courses require a log-in to access the content.
Please refer to the help document, Logging in and Navigating MY CESA 6, for help in logging in and learning what each icon does.

If you need additional help, please contact help@cesa6.org